Our Staff

Mrs Morris

I have been teaching for 24 years. I trained at Bangor University on a four year BEd course which I really enjoyed. My main subjects were English Literature, Drama and Music. I have been at St. Mary’s Primary School for six7years. This is the most amazing school that I have ever taught at because it is like coming to work with your family every day. The staff, children and parents are all wonderful and we all work together as a team.  I think that the most special thing about St. Mary’s are the relationships that we all have between ourselves. Our children make really good progress from their starting points but more importantly, are happy and confident.

Mrs Cowburn
Years 1, 2 and 3

I first came to St. Mary’s on my final teaching practice during my 4 year QTS course at St. Martin’s College Lancaster (now the University of Cumbria).  Whilst at university, along side my Primary QTS I did a BA Hons degree in Early Childhood Education.  I came to St. Mary’s and absolutely fell in love, it was my dream school, not just because I wanted to work there but because I was passionate about small schools, ever since attending one myself in my own Primary Education years.  Lucky for me, one term after graduating, a job opportunity came up at St. Mary’s and I have been lucky enough to work in this amazing school ever since – 7 years here so far!

For me, the most special thing about St. Mary’s, are the pupils that we have here.  Each and every individual child brings something unique to the school and has the ability to make me smile every single day.

Miss Taylor
Pre-School and Reception Teacher

I have just started my teaching career and I could not have imagined a better school to begin this journey. I completed a 3 year BAHons degree in Children and Young Peoples’ Learning and Development at Edge Hill University, followed by my PGCE at Cumbria University. I remember walking into St Mary’s for the first time and thinking how friendly both staff and children were. I knew it was my dream school! From attending a very small primary school myself, I have always wanted to work in the same environment.

What I love most about St Mary’s is the children because of their enthusiasm, humour and happiness. From my very first week in July, I became part of the St Mary’s family and I cannot thank the children, staff and parents more for that. I feel so lucky to be given this opportunity to work in such a special school.

Miss Cookson
Year 4, 5 and 6
Mrs Hutchings
Pre-School and Reception TA

I love my job as a Teaching Assistant with St Marys, and have been involved with the school for many years as both my daughters were pupils here. Before working at St Marys I Managed a Pre School with children aged 2-5 years, and working with children within the Early Years Foundation Stage is my passion.

St Marys is a unique place, where children are given freedom and space to express and be themselves, and this combined with values of hard work and striving to be your best create an environment where children thrive and are happy.

Mrs Butcher
Years 4, 5 and 6 TA

I have worked at St. Mary’s for almost 15years and began by supporting a child with SEN. During this time I also managed an Out of School Club for 3 years. I now support children who need a little extra help. It is so rewarding to see them achieve and become confident learners.

Our school is like a big family and I always feel that we all care for and support each other.

It is a pleasure to work in such a beautiful setting with fantastic children and staff.

Mrs Cookson
School Admin Officer

I have been working as the school admin officer for three years and enjoy the busy school environment. My own children have both attended St. Mary’s and it has given them a wonderful grounding and confidence in life. Working in a small school like St. Mary’s means that I have got to know all of our families really well and we have developed unique relationships that you wouldn’t necessarily have in bigger schools. It’s like a home from home!

Miss Margaret Timbrell
Site Supervisor
Mrs Walmsley
Lunchtime Supervisor

I have been working at St. Mary’s for fifteen years as lunch time supervisor. Both my children came here and I am very much a part of the school community and everyone who comes here. I really enjoy being with the children and I especially enjoy going outside after lunch whilst I am looking after their welfare. The children at St. Mary’s are really polite and have excellent manners.

Miss Kelsall
Years 1, 2 and 3 TA